The London Solar Strategy Is A Step In The Right Direction


Low Carbon is a renewable energy investment company, investing in, owning and operating renewable energy products. Quentin Scott, Marketing Director of Low Carbon, talks about the London Solar Strategy and what it has in store

Historically, London
hasn't excelled in the deployment of solar PV. Research from the Green Alliance
points to just 66MW of solar PV installed across the capital "“ the equivalent
of one solar panel for every 200 homes. And recent figures from the Department
for Business, Energy and the Industrial Strategy have shown that London is
lagging behind in the use of what is a proven technology, and home to far, far
less than one percent of the UK's solar capacity of 12GW.

There are a number of
reasons why. Space in the capital is at a premium and makes utility-scale
developments difficult at best. The high number of rental properties in London
have also played a factor. Many landlords are reluctant to invest in solar
installations that will have no direct benefit to them, given it will be their
tenants that will likely be paying the utility bills. Meanwhile, well-publicised
reductions in the incentives from central government to install solar panels
since 2015 have impacted on the sector. And many installers, recognising the
opportunities elsewhere in the country and the challenges in London, have
focused their operations and marketing strategies outside the capital.